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Quick Facts:






Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar

Capital City:


Known for:

Red Deserts, Coral Reef, Beaches.

What You Need To Know...
(Looking for an English speaking destination like Australia?
New Zealand is now available.
Program Dates are the same as Australia! )


Departure Date

2 and 3 Month Programs:
January 26 2013
April 26 2014
June 7 2014
June 28 2014
July 19 2014

July 2014

January 2015

Application Deadline

2 and 3 Month Programs:
October 28 2013 (January Departure)
January 15 2014 (April Departure)
February 28 2014 (June 7 Departure)
  March 18 2014 (June 28 Departure)
April 9 2014 (July 19 Departure)

  December 31 2013

Extended Deadline:
October 25 2014


Program Duration

2 and 3 Month Programs:
Start Date: April, June or July 2014
End Date: June/August/September 2014

5 month program:
Start Date: July 2014
End Date: November 2014

10 month program:
Start Date: July 2014
End Date: Late April 2015

2 and 3 month programs:
Start Date: January 2015
End Date: February/March 2015

5 month program:
Start Date: January 2015
End Date: June 2015

10 month program:
Start Date: January 2015
End Date: Late October 2015

Information about the International Student Exchange to Australia:

While on an International Exchange Program students have the opportunity to learn at an international school and the "school of life" while they experience another culture, immerse themselves in the language and become a member of the host family. Begin your international experience now! Participate in an International Exchange program with YES Canada!

Information about International Student Exchange - Australia:

In Australia, students attend school for thirteen years. Primary school begins in Kindergarten and goes to year six. High school is divided into Junior Secondary, for years seven to ten, and Senior Secondary for years eleven and twelve. High schools are either co-educational, or designated for girls or boys only.

There is much to see and do in Australia. A student’s life here is a fun, exciting mix of academics and adventure. This is a journey worthy of more than just credits.

School System

Australian students attend school for a total of 13 years. Primary School is from Kindergarten to Year 6. High school is divided into Junior Secondary (Years 7 to 10) and Senior Secondary (Years 11 and 12). High schools are either girls only, boys only, or co-educational (mixed).

Our schools offer:

  • Core curriculum subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science as well as a wide range of technology, language, creative arts, and humanities courses
  • Excellent instruction in small classes of 10 to 30 students
  • A variety of teaching methods including teacher instruction, group activities and individual learning programs. Students may enrich their study through extra school activities such as drama, dance, sport and debating
  • Specialist schools for music, sport, creative arts or technology
  • Multicultural classes with local and international students studying together
  • Student support staff including school counsellors, careers advisers and peer support coordinators
  • An International Student Coordinator at each school to welcome, advise and support overseas students into their new school  
  • Specialist ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers who provide English language support
  • Access to excellent resources such as libraries, auditoriums, gymnasiums, science laboratories and other specialist technology facilities
  • All students have access to computers and the internet
  • Spacious grounds and grassed areas for a variety of sports
  • Class hours are usually from 9:00am to 3:30pm, five days a week - some schools may vary the hours slightly to suit local needs

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