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Capital City:


Known for:

Old World Charm, Bicycles, Canals, Architecture, Windmills, Cheese, Flowers, Art & Culture.

What You Need To Know...


Departure Date

September 2016

January 2017

Application Deadline

  April 1 2016

September 15 2016


Program Duration

5 month program:
Start Date: August 2016
End Date: January 2017

10 month program:
Start Date: August 2016
End Date: June 2017

5 month program:
Start Date: January 2017
End Date: June 2017

10 month program:
Start Date: January 2017
End Date: December 2017
(Limited Availability)

Information about the Student Exchange to Holland:

While on an International Exchange Program students have the opportunity to learn at an international school and the "school of life" while they experience another culture, immerse themselves in the language and become a member of the host family. Begin your international experience now! Participate in an International Exchange program with YES Canada!

Information about the Student Exchange to Holland:

Students in the Holland enter the school system at the age of 5 and complete their education around the ages of 16 to 18. They begin in primary school and by age 12, move to secondary or high school.

High school has three streams of education. The vocational track (VMBO) is seen as the lowest level of secondary education, but allows students to learn professional trades over a four year period. The opportunity to apply to college or university is till an option. The medium level (HAVO) lasts five years, with an emphasis on academics. Students who take this route are able to attend post-secondary education in sciences. The highest level of high school education (VWO) lasts six years, with an academic focus to pursue a university degree.

The Holland is a region of Europe that offers a great cultural experience that celebrates diversity, uniqueness and a progressive spirit. So much of their history is tied to our own, here in Canada, and it is a wonderful shared story of triumph and positive change.

School System

Holland has compulsory education from age 5 to 18 (or 16 as a study is completed which has given the student adequate professional skills to start as a professional in the labour market).

Pupils attend primary or elementary school from age 4 to age 12. After that they will continue their education at high school minimally until the age of 16; which indicates one of three tracks in the Dutch educational system.

The vocational track starts with VMBO, which is seen as the lowest level of secondary education and lasts four years. Successfully completing VMBO results in a low level vocational degree and/or gives access to higher (secondary) levels vocational education. Completion of second level vocational education results in professional skills, and gives access to further study a university of applied science.

The medium level HAVO lasts five years. After completion a student can attend a university of applied science, which award professional bachelor's and professional master's degrees. A degree at a university of applied science gives access to the university system.

The highest level of high school education is VWO, which lasts six years, completion of which allows students to attend a university.

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